Sunshine is underrated. No, I’m not talking about the scorching heat of the mid-day which makes us hurl curses at the sun.Living in Chennai has taught me better than that.Our points of discussion are those soft rays that waft amidst the trees leaving a streak of light behind. It’s the kind of sunshine that touches your skin making it bloom through its warmth. For the past few months, I’ve been seeing this sunshine rarely. By rarely, I mean only the times I’m forced to get out to my balcony for my daily dose of vitamin D. 

On some mornings, I groggily walk out of my room to be engulfed by this brilliance of light. I squint my eyes to show evidence on how confinement has made me sensitive to light. It takes quite a time for me to adjust to the light. But when I do, I soak in the sunshine wanting to put them into my pockets and preserve them for the evenings to save me from the malaise haunting me in the evenings. Often, when I do my dishes, I catch a glimpse of the falling light waiting to disappear into the horizon. This is a preview of the sunset from the east. It’s the bare minimum but enough for me to believe that, through these bars of my balcony, I have a small talk with the light. There are times I selfishly wish that I had a house where the sun shone in plenty where I’d create shadow plays.

This reminds me of a quote, 

Some people seemed to get all sunshine, and some all shadows…

~Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

To be carefree, basking in the sunlight is one of my top ten things to do after things get back to normal.This keeps me wondering when I would become the butterfly chasing light. Until then, I’m learning to be amused by the light that seeps through the window of my room radiating a yellow-orange tint to the space.

Circa 2019, Pre-Pandemic

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